Wednesday, 12 January 2011

I Understand My Mistake

I went to my sewing room an hour ago with the intention of making a skirt. A simple skirt. Two side seams, a zipper, a waistband, and a rolled hem. That should go fairly quickly, thought I. I should know better; my serger does not like me to exude any confidence. It expects the most humble of approaches and absolutely no expectations.
That was my approach with the brown scarf shown below. I wanted a scarf with some body, so I bought a piece of silk duppioni. The Geek liked the blue, so she bought that for herself. It took me awhile to ask the serger roll the edges. I was worried how the serger would behave, since I haven't used the rolled hem option for awhile.
My scarf was finished easily. The Geek, who loves tools of any kind, and had never used a serger before, wanted to finish her own.
As we were pulling the threads through to change the colour from brown to blue, the lower looper thread broke. I moaned, as I hate trying to re-thread the lower looper; it takes ages to coax the thread spirits to cooperate. The Geek offered to try so I left her to it. And she got it to work, first time.
Today, when I was trying to change the thread colour for my skirt, the lower looper broke again. I have tried three times to get it to work again, but it keeps breaking.
We are now taking a break from each other. I'll ask the Geek to take a look at it later today. Unless, of course, I manage to pay proper penitence for my arrogant approach before then, and it decides to behave.