Sunday, 15 May 2016

Projects That Almost Aren't

Note to Self: How am I supposed to become a better person when I am constantly being rewarded for procrastination and sloth?

Briefly (or not:) I bought this paisley wool challis as a bolt end over 25 years ago. I made it into a loose jacket-type shirt over 12 years ago. At one point I added a few tucks to add waist shaping but I never really liked the fit. At the beginning of April, I started working on a revision.
The top ends at the widest part of my hips.

No waist definition.
My first plan was to open up the side seams from the hem up to the bottom of the sleeves and re-cut the front and back with the shoulders attached, saving myself the hassle of redoing the neck and button band. Then I decided I shouldn't be so lazy and at least remove the sleeves, even if I did leave the shoulder seams intact.

For some reason I decide to cut the sleeve out first.

Then the pattern pieces didn't match the remaining material available unless I did not want to use the existing neck facing.

The front was worse than the back, so I reattached part of the original sleeve piece to the edge of the armscye.

Then when I overlapped the shoulder seams, the back didn't fit. I briefly considered giving up.

So the back of the sleeve was reattached to the back armscye. (Are you starting to understand how this would have been so much easier if I had just opened the side seams and cut everything out with it flat?)

I sewed the sleeves in flat, then redid the side seams.

The result is better, both in a trimmer fit and shorter length.

Plus the curved hem land where I start to curve in.

Is anyone taking bets that I won't be doing things 'properly' next time?

Thursday, 12 May 2016

Re-Made by Me May

I decided this year I would not take part in Me-Made May. I am fully aware I am a very fortunate person and to me, it seemed kind have such a display of my good fortune. I wear Me-made clothing most of the time so I thought it was time to up the ante, so to speak.

I have in my wardrobe a number of things I like but don't wear, possibly because the fit isn't quite right, or the style is wrong for the fabric. I also have some clothes I have thrifted because I liked the colour or the textile from which it was made, but the fit isn't quite there. I'm going to rework those as well.

I've tried this once already, and it worked relatively well, I've also redone a sweater, un-blogged yet, and with mixed success, but I think I can make some improvements.

Below are four items I am going to re-work, or finish re-working in the next few weeks.

A paisley wool challis top I made about 15 years ago. The fabric is lovely but they style is not the least bit flattering. I've been slowly fussing around with this for about a month now.

 An orange linen dress. The fit in the shoulders is off, the neckline is too wide, and it needs to be shortened a bit.

Thrifted green linen shirt (too big in the shoulders, to wide across the chest, and the sleeve treatment is just odd) and black linen trousers that have an elasticated back waist. I suppose that helps with fit for some, but it just gives me an odd shape in the back. I'll see what I can do to improve both.

Let's see how this goes!