Monday, 29 April 2013

My Mother's Patterns

 I snooped through my mother's pattern collection when I was at home for the weekend. These are some of the ones that caught my eye.

(I'm sorry for the sideways shots, I never know which way my phone is going to orient these things.)

 She used to make all her own clothes, and the ones my sisters and I wore as well.

 I'd love to make some of these outfits but there is a slight problems.

When my mom was using these patterns, she was 5'2" and weighed under 100 pounds. I take after my Scandinavian father's family; I was that size when I was 12. (~sigh~)

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Out of the Darkness

 My sewing room is very cold in the winter. I can deal with that; I put on a couple of sweaters and a toque and even turn on my little space heater if necessay.
Now that it is spring I haven't been able to deal with the dark. Here, in the winter, it is dark when I leave for work in the morning and dark when I come home. The only time I see daylight is on the weekend and I don't want to be in my sewing room with its one tiny window.
Last weekend, when the Geek wasn't home, I moved my stuff into the living room.

We don't use the living room much, so first I had to get her veneer stash off the coffee table.

 Those veneers are gorgeous! I was temporarily sidetracked reading the labels on the back of each piece to find out what kind of wood they are.

And once I was in a brighter space, I finished the EvaDress trousers I cut out when I visited my parents in February.
I made these before, and made the adjustments I'd considered then, such as narrowing the waistband to about half of the original. I am extremely short-waisted; the bottom of my ribs sit only 2.5 cm above the very top of my hip bone.

I'm not terribly sure how I well I like these. Perhaps it is the way I have photographed them (I am a self-conscious model), but I think they make me look stumpy. And the back view looks...interesting. I may have to work on that. I will also have to lengthen them a bit. That's what happens when you measure the length from a pair of pants that, you realize later, are also too short.
I am thrilled tho, since winter seems so very, very reluctant to leave us, to have some pants to wear to work. I am tired of being a woolen onion.

And what of the first pair I made? They have been turned into a pair of shorts.

Sunday, 14 April 2013

New Tools and Labels

  It has been awhile since I've bought any sewing tools but I was reading Cidell's blog and saw her post about a button hole guide. I always have trouble with math; it's not that I can't do it, I just don't like making myself do it, and trying to figure out how far apart the button should be drives me crazy. Yes, the guide that comes with the pattern might help, but I've always changed something long before that point.
So I googled Simflex (there are an amazing number of things with that name) and was delighted to find an on-line dealer who sells them. And she is IN CANADA!  While I was on her site, I picked up a button hole cutter and a point turner. Both should make things a little easier. Up until now have narrowly avoided disaster by using a pair of scissors for both tasks.

I've also ordered some feet for my sewing machine but it might take awhile for those to arrive.

 And to also assist me to remember which is the back of my trousers and skirts, I bought some labels. (yes, I know, consistently putting a side zipper in the same side everytime would help but I'm not that focussed. I didn't have ADD as a child, but I certainly seem to have the adult version now. ;) )

I found another Canadian supplier, and ordered two different ones.

I just have to remember to use them.

**I have revieved no financial compensation from either of these two businesses; I simply like to promote Canadian content whenever I can.