Friday, 28 June 2013

Following Blogs

I use an RSS feeder type-thingy to follow blogs. The Geek set it up for me, and I have no idea what it is -I suppose I should ask. However, since I use have been paying precious little attention to the fact that Google Reader, whatever that might be, is going away July 1. I set up this blog ages ago and have since forgotten what I did, so I've also just noticed I have followers; how cool is that? (Believe me, life here in the State of Oblivious is very tranquil!) At any rate since there are some really cool people who follow this blog, I've pulled my head out of the sand and, I believe the term was 'claimed my blog' on Bloglovin'. I have to insert this text. and get a button.
Follow my blog with Bloglovin
Wish me luck. While I like technology I strongly resist any urge to be trendy (Someday I'll tell you about my cell phone).

Saturday, 22 June 2013

Testing the Renfrew

 Many moons ago, when I was a sweet young thing,  I used to sew a size 12 straight out of the envelope. Ah, those were the days. I was a runner then, and my body shape was different (I also suspect the Big 4, which is what I sewed exclusively back then, has also changed their fit models, but I have no way of checking). Then I did a number on my knees and I started cycling instead; not competitively, but I was on the bike a fair bit for long distances. Enter a truck/bike MVA and some damage to my neck so the mountain bike was not so comfortable anymore. I still ride a bike, but mostly commuter cycling.
However shortly before the the accident I started rowing and my shape has changed again. I am broader thru' the shoulders and more muscular across the back. Good-bye straight size anything; I am now a vexing mish-mash of sizes, as you will soon see.

Behold Renfrew I. The picture is less than optimal, as are my construction techniques. I don't remember what size I cut out and I am waaaaay to lazy to go all the way downstairs to the sewing room to look. In this size it is too narrow in the shoulders and too small in the bust but fits well in the waist. I find the length a little long for my taste and the neck doesn't sit quite right, but I think that may be due to said construction techniques.

 Renfrew II: cut two sizes larger in the shoulders and bust but the same size in the waist. Those areas fit well, but the neck gaps even more. That is not constuction problems but my own structural quirks. I like the length on this one better and I left off the bottom band.

Plans for Renfrew III? The same as R II but I am going to cut the neck opening smaller. I haven't decided if I am going to use the smallest size, or just two sizes down from R I.

Wish me success!

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Cardigan Closures

 Some summer sweaters are n the agenda but I've been pondering the closures. You know, how to keep them from being too Boring.

While at my parent's a few weeks ago, I saw these sweaters on the back of a magazine. They are part of a collection by Alison Sheri, a Canadian designer.
 I'll have to ponder the idea but I do have tons of buttons. I'm sure to come up with something.

Sunday, 9 June 2013

From Stash to WIP

A few hours using the boardroom tables at AssentWorks has given me enough to do for a couple of weeks at home.