Thursday, 24 April 2014

The Fabric Takeover

The Thursday before Goid Friday I drive The Geek to the airport at 0500 hours. Her plane had not yet taken off before I dragged my seeing machine, serger, and all my Dolly Clackett supplies into the kitchen. It us so much brighter up here and I've been schlemming about winter since November. By Saturday morning my projects (oh yes, I cut out more than one Dolly Clackettt dress. They are all in various stages of construction) had expanded into the living room. 
The Gerk retuned home at 0100 hours on Tuesday but my stuff is still all over the place. She us being extremely gracious about it. Since she has so many out-of-the-house projects on the go right now the mess isn't bothering her too much. 
The forecast for the next several days is rain so I hope to clear much if this up by Sunday. 

Monday, 21 April 2014

It's pretty hard core. There's been some fruit used and some very inappropriate gestures.

When I grow up, I want to be like Dolly Clackett. She has such fun dresses, made from great fabric and versatile patterns, cute shoes, and a great attitude toward life.

Sarah's idea to celebrate Roisin and Nic's wedding by having the blogosphere make Dolly Clackett-esque dresses is genius.

I'm off to a good start -I already have a few of her favourite patterns in my collection -Simplicity 2444, Sewaholic Cambie, Butterick 5748, and ByHandLondon Anna (tho' I must be the only one in the world who can't get that dress to work for her).

I decided ages ago I would make Simplicity 2444 - a dress I tried once last summer, and I already had three yards of some cute nautical fabric. Then I ran into a snag -three yards of 45" fabric with a one-way design is not enough to make Simplicity 2444. Three meters, yes; three yards, no. So at my first opportunity I galloped off to Marshall's Fabrics to find three meters of a different print. It wasn't that easy. Marshall's has a wide selection, and while I like a quirky print, there is not point buying something that doesn't speak to who you are. If they had something with bicycles, or rowing shells, or maps, I would have been in-and-out in five minutes. As it was, I had a serious snoop that lasted at least half an hour. But I finally found what I wanted, and the dress has turned out well.

So here I am, by my own colourful door. I would have taken the pictures by our front door so I could also have stairs, but our stairs are still covered in ice.

This is the first time my legs have seen the light of day since September. I should have worn tights.
May I present the Colourful Happiness dress. It's odd how something so simple can cheer you up.

And bring a silly grin to your face. Too bad that grin didn't show up in these photographs. I find it hard to take pictures of myself with the timer because it always takes so long to go off- I can't concentrate that long...

Mandatory hands on hips pose.
 My tripod is pretty funny too. However the snow is still rather depressing -hence my difficulty eliminating my dour expression.
I have no idea what that contraption on the stool is, but it works to elevate the camera.
I had to hurry through the outdoor pictures; it was only 8 degrees today.
We haven't dared put away the snow shovels either.

Here is my dress hanging on the chimney. The colours seem even more vibrant against the brick. Very cheerful.

And if you wondered about the print, yes, those are crayons. You can't tell until you look closely. I feel very subversive! Plus, they are all my favourite colours; green, orange, purple, turquoise, blue.

There was very little fiddling with the pattern. Other than lengthening the bodice by about one and one half inches, I made a straight size 14.

I self-lined the sleeves after removing all the ease from the sleeve cap. They would pucker badly on top otherwise.

Plus, my usual trick for back zippers. As long as I can get my head through the neck opening, I sew the back seam completely closed. I then put the zipper so it's about an inch below the top of the dress. I like the neat finish and I don't have to fuss with hooks and eyes, or other methods of closing the top edge. I haven't tried this yet with a lapped zipper, but I expect it would work just as well.

And a serger rolled hem -I was getting lazy.

I expect I will get a great deal of wear from this dress. I'm already planning on wearing it to my office partner's retirement party.

That's the craic on this dress.

Congratulations Roisin and Nic, my best wishes on your upcoming wedding. May the saddest day of your future be like the happiest day of your past!