Monday, 23 February 2015

Moving into the Light

I am lucky to have a dedicated space for my sewing. My only complaint would be its location -the basement. It's cold and dark down there, and while I can put on a toque, an extra sweater and turn on the space heater, I can't make it light. By the beginning of January, I crave light. And in the summer, I'd prefer not to be inside, let alone downstairs.
At the same time, the Geek's home office needed some modifying. She was spending more time working from home and her current set-up of a table top on a round table wasn't doing her wrists any favours.
We planned an upgrade that would give both of us standing work stations.
This is what the room looked like before, with (from left to right) the Geek's desk and tool shelf and the futon (where we take turns reading and napping).

This is the new arrangement.We bought a couple of bookshelves from Ikea, and used the old kitchen countertops and a countertop the Geek used as a desk in her old apartment, so it wasn't too costly a job.

 My sewing stuff is in the corner, then a shared workspace (which amazingly, after about six weeks is still not piled full of stuff) and the Geek's computer. The futon stayed where it was while the Geek's tool shelf has moved to the top end of the futon.

This arrangement provides plenty of space and supplementary light for us both, and allows me to channel my inner Mrs Kravitz. ;D Being warm and comfortable -the height of luxury!

Sunday, 8 February 2015

Book Sales

Several times per year the Children's Hospital holds a fundraising booksale and we usually drop by to see what's for offer. I found some very useful sewing books this time round. 
I have heard great things about David Coffin's Shirtmaking

Singer has some helpful book and these two were missing from my collection. 
My office crew likes to dress up at Hallowe'en.
A Threads magazine from May 1996. 
The  ribbing article caught my eye.

I liked the colours on the cover of the Spring/Summer 2007 knitsimple magazine (as Barbara said, I crave colour like an old sailor with scurvy. Barbara has great tips and she understands winter. ) and some of the patterns in the June 1996 Burda magazine look interesting. 
Sunshine yellow.

Ah, summer.
bathing suits!

I also picked up some other reference material 
For the word geek in me.

And for anyone who knows Newfies... You are unlikely to find a more friendly, welcoming, generous group of people, but sometimes you have to wonder if they are really speaking English.

I wasn't sure if I already had this last book, but I do. If anyone would like it, please let me know. If, by some amazing miracle more than one person asks, I will do some sort of draw.

Time to get busy.