Saturday, 13 February 2016

The '90s are Vintage?!?! A Plaid Top and Skirt

Note to Self: Everything becomes vintage at some point.

Briefly: This is the draped skirt, without the drape, and the top I made to wear under an open necked shirt (another experiment) because sleeveless tops don't fly solo here in the winter.
practicing good posture
 The top is New Look 6393 circa 1995. I made the dress view that same year, the summer I spent working in Norway House. (I'm always amazed how things are catalogued in my brain. I had a grand time while I was there. I went up the first time in the early spring that year. When we were approaching the airport that first time, I was somewhat worried as I could see no sign of a town. The residents of Norway House used the Nelson River for most of their travel so the majority of the houses around 'Government Point' are spread out along the river.)
I first made the top last summer from an apricot-coloured double gauze with a laughing hippo print. I wore the top to my mother's 80th birthday party (as one does) but I can't find a picture right now, and it is tucked away until spring. (Marie made her beloved a pair of pyjama pants from the same fabric, if you are at all curious about what this laughing hippo double gauze looks like.)

Ok now, focus on the current project! (Apparently I don't do 'briefly'.) The front of the skirt is still partially on the bias.

 The plaids match in places, (rather amazing since I just cut down the draped front to a straight skirt,)

and at least merge slightly on the other side.

The pullover shirt the sleeveless top was made to go with.

 It looks better in this photo. (That's the difference between taking photos before rushing off to work and on a Saturday morning.)

It's more 'edgy' and 'structured' when you make a top from a felted wool instead of the recommended knit. And that is soooo important, because your know, I am am all about wearing clothes that are 'edgy'. :P I've used the top from this pattern a number of times. The skirt, not so much, as I don't do ruffles, and I have yet to try the faux wrapped front.

Here is a rather bad selfie of another version, with long sleeves.
yes, that is an oar hanging in the background.
Apparently, unbeknownst to me, this look is becoming quite trendy. Hot Patterns has just released a pattern along these lines. Go have a look and see what a I mean. I'm un-accustomed to being on the bleeding edge of anything. Tho' come to think of it, the Geek and I were way ahead of the super-short-haired trend too.

There are a great number of asides in this post and very little actual information. I thank you for your patience.