Sunday, 17 August 2014

The Nostalgia Dress. Sub-titled: Mapping a Mash-Up

ETA: Something resembling a sentence in my opening line. The first attempt made no sense at all.

I like my Sewaholic Cambie, but there is one thing about the bodice I'm not keen on - I find it rather open at the neckline.

When I decided to make use the map fabric for another dress, I decided I'd use the Cambie, but with a different bodice front.

I've always liked the look of Vogue 1136 and have had it in my stash for quite some time. But I don't like the back-it's far too casual considering the glamorous picture on the envelope. The front however has sleeves closely resembling those on the back bodice of the Cambie, so with that, I had the bodice of my dress. Then I decided I wanted a fuller skirt then the one on the Cambie, so brought out the New Look 6843. But added the Cambie's pockets -I like skirts with pockets. So it is still kind of a Cambie. If you are very liberal minded, that is.

In the pictures the front looks better than the back, but I think it's the way I'm standing.

The front armhole is rather square -I'll round it into more of a curve next time. I think I would also make it a touch longer.

I like the way my new 'Cambie' turned out. The fabric is a nice weight and the map makes me happy. I like maps and they seem to be fading from usage, no doubt due to the adoption of the GPS. I find that a huge pity given the one time I used a GPS (I was driving my sister's car) it insisted I was not driving on a road. The technology was outdated and could have been a problem for someone who didn't know the route.

Whenever I can find them, I still collect maps of places I have been. Maps give me a more complete view of any place I've been and I can't see how a GPS can ever replicate that.

Thursday, 14 August 2014

OWOP -the Monday to Friday Version

Jane has proposed  'One Week One Pattern' for September. Here is my trial run.
The pattern: New Look 6843 view A.
Monday: My giraffe skirt.

Tuesday: one of the original trio.

Wednesday: red linen/cotton version.

Thursday: oops -no photo but it is another linen blend.

Friday: another original trio version with the green t-shirt.

I also wore the same skirt on Saturday with the orange t-shirt. That wasn't part of the plan, but on my way to Vancouver Island my flight out of Calgary was cancelled due to bad weather. I always carry a change of clothes in my carry-on, so orange it was.
That was fun but I may run with the Hollyburn in September, so there is something different to look at.

Saturday, 2 August 2014

While it Chills my Soul to Do So...

...I do need to plan for winter. And after the awful winter we last had (July was also below normal temperature wise), I still should plan for the upcoming one. 
To whit, when I was on Vancouver Island last week I stopped at Gala Fabris in Victoria and bought some wool. In Bright Colours. I may have to live with the cold but at least I won't be drab. 

I pre-washed it this morning and no sooner had I draped it over the line when it started to rain. I just went to bring it in now  and we had a brief (10-drop) shower so it will have to hang a while longer.