Thursday, 7 March 2013

The Accidental Hybrid

 Around last February I decided I wanted a new skirt, particulary a fuller skirt so I pulled out this pattern. I pinned down the front piece, and then, as has happened so many times during the past couple of years, I was too tired to finish, and I wandered off.

When I returned to the task in late March, I totally forgot that the one (that's right, one) pattern piece was not for the front AND the back, and feeling very smug at my frugal use of fabric, I cut it out. THEN I realized that one piece was ONLY the front and I did not have enough left for the back. Way to go, blondie!

So I dragged out my TNT skirt pattern and used the back piece of that pattern, cut across the grain, to finish it off.

I guess the skirt didn't turn out too badly, all considered, tho' my poor, beat-up Birkenstocks do not add anything to the finished outfit.
And because I forgot to take a shot of the back, one has no way of knowing how it turned out.
I guess you'll have to trust me on this.

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