Sunday, 21 April 2013

Out of the Darkness

 My sewing room is very cold in the winter. I can deal with that; I put on a couple of sweaters and a toque and even turn on my little space heater if necessay.
Now that it is spring I haven't been able to deal with the dark. Here, in the winter, it is dark when I leave for work in the morning and dark when I come home. The only time I see daylight is on the weekend and I don't want to be in my sewing room with its one tiny window.
Last weekend, when the Geek wasn't home, I moved my stuff into the living room.

We don't use the living room much, so first I had to get her veneer stash off the coffee table.

 Those veneers are gorgeous! I was temporarily sidetracked reading the labels on the back of each piece to find out what kind of wood they are.

And once I was in a brighter space, I finished the EvaDress trousers I cut out when I visited my parents in February.
I made these before, and made the adjustments I'd considered then, such as narrowing the waistband to about half of the original. I am extremely short-waisted; the bottom of my ribs sit only 2.5 cm above the very top of my hip bone.

I'm not terribly sure how I well I like these. Perhaps it is the way I have photographed them (I am a self-conscious model), but I think they make me look stumpy. And the back view looks...interesting. I may have to work on that. I will also have to lengthen them a bit. That's what happens when you measure the length from a pair of pants that, you realize later, are also too short.
I am thrilled tho, since winter seems so very, very reluctant to leave us, to have some pants to wear to work. I am tired of being a woolen onion.

And what of the first pair I made? They have been turned into a pair of shorts.

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