Thursday, 10 October 2013

Faux Cowl Top

 I have yet to figure out why it takes me so long to do things. I mean, there is nothing else going on in my life beyond work, the gym (now that rowing is finished for the season), laundry, groceries, cleaning occasionally and the other stuff that makes up our lives. Once I got down to it, this top took less than an hour to sew. This is the first of my fall sewing -New Look 6301.

It is starting to get dark once I get home from work, and I was too lazy to set up my other photographic method, so you get mirror reflection shots. (Excuse the wrinkles. Being rolled up and packed into panniers for my ride to the gym, then worn at work all day has an effect on things.)

The top still fits fairly well even tho' it is designed for a knit and I made it out of a stretch woven. There are gray spots in the flowers to match the gray skirt, but it is hard to pick those out here.

Pilates balls and old kitchen countertops in the background.

 I lengthened the sleeves slightly to slide better inside a sweater.

Old computer and desktop articles.
 I have also made this top with a very stretchy rayon knit. I call this my Europe shirt ("I see London, I see France...") because it is so very drapey when I lean over ("...I can see your underpants.") I wear a very high-necked camisole underneath.
A close-up of my freckles and the Geek's family pictures.
I think it turns out well enough from the woven fabric, but knits are obviously optimal.

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