Monday, 20 January 2014


 I'll be brief.

 OOP Vogue 2690 and a remnant of grey denim.
 Take one. Poufy at the upper hip.
Seam straightened to remove same.

 Pulls strangely at the derrière.
 Curve replaced.
 Wacky pulling on the legs. Consulted Palmer and Pletsch.
Seam released at inner thigh.
SIde seam curve taken in again.
 This isn't any better.

After a couple of weeks of tweaking, I'm done with these. They are now in the 'to be donated' pile. I found a pair of mens woolen trousers at the MCC on Saturday. I took in the waist by about three inches and they fit much better than this pair without nearly all the futzing around. I may try another pair, or I may just stick to skirts. Gah!


  1. I feel your trouser pain. Drafted a pair, cut, sewed....absolute rubbish! Absolute pants. Can't bring myself to try again!

  2. I'm going to try one more time. I have another pattern out and the fabric is ready to go, so I may as well.
    This is especially annoying as I used to have a TNT pattern the was great. But it doesn't fit anymore. I should see if I can make it in a smaller size, but my shape is different now too. Ah well, as they say, adapt or die.

  3. Thanks for posting these. Interesting to see how the alterations change the garment. I have a pattern that is really good for me now, and it feels great :) So keep trying!

  4. You are correct, and it will work out. If not next time then the one after that.

  5. I agree, keep at it. Pants in our climate is not an option. I had the same kind of wrinkles on my jeans (3 years ago) and had the same Gah! At the time I remembered reading Debbie Cooks post on pants too where she did a horizontal fisheye dart at the back of the leg, an interesting alteration. I did that one, which essentially shortened the inside seam compared to the outside seam, and it did help a bit. This is also one of my goals for this year, so I'm looking forward to seeing how you get on.

  6. A dart, eh? I'll ponder that. Thank you.

  7. I feel your pain.
    While in Ottawa:
    C&M Textiles, Darrell Thomas, Fabrications, Rockland Textiles. We have a Fabricland Clearance center too at Blair Rd.

  8. Thank you for the fabric store hints!