Sunday, 9 February 2014

I'm Now Proficient at Felting

 Unfortunately, I didn't want to felt this cap but it was much too big after I blocked it. So I put it in the wash on what I thought was a cold cycle (sometimes my washing machine reverts to the temperature of the previous wash settings. A rather irritating situation).
Unblocked but fits fine.

   Fooled me. And, then it was like Goldilocks all over again.

Accidentally felted; too small.
 So I put it upside down in the sink to see if I could block it bigger again (I don't even know if that is possible), but it just floated around for the longest time (and I stood there watching. Squirrel!). So windproof and water resistant.

Second blocking.
That would be great if I wasn't living somewhere so very COLD (it's going down to -31C again tonight!!) and precipitation came in liquid form.
 Like everyone else, I am so done with winter!!

Very brief Ravelry notes here.

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