Thursday, 24 April 2014

The Fabric Takeover

The Thursday before Goid Friday I drive The Geek to the airport at 0500 hours. Her plane had not yet taken off before I dragged my seeing machine, serger, and all my Dolly Clackett supplies into the kitchen. It us so much brighter up here and I've been schlemming about winter since November. By Saturday morning my projects (oh yes, I cut out more than one Dolly Clackettt dress. They are all in various stages of construction) had expanded into the living room. 
The Gerk retuned home at 0100 hours on Tuesday but my stuff is still all over the place. She us being extremely gracious about it. Since she has so many out-of-the-house projects on the go right now the mess isn't bothering her too much. 
The forecast for the next several days is rain so I hope to clear much if this up by Sunday. 


  1. There is no such thing as clutter, just piles of inspiration!

  2. you are, of course, correct. It also shows my good fortune.

    I'll have to stop publishing these posts without proofreading tho'. The number of typing mistakes is atrocious.