Saturday, 2 August 2014

While it Chills my Soul to Do So...

...I do need to plan for winter. And after the awful winter we last had (July was also below normal temperature wise), I still should plan for the upcoming one. 
To whit, when I was on Vancouver Island last week I stopped at Gala Fabris in Victoria and bought some wool. In Bright Colours. I may have to live with the cold but at least I won't be drab. 

I pre-washed it this morning and no sooner had I draped it over the line when it started to rain. I just went to bring it in now  and we had a brief (10-drop) shower so it will have to hang a while longer. 


  1. Your winter and summer sounds like the ones we had a couple of years ago. This is not helpful, but we are having a lovely summer. Maybe it's our turn! I actually sew for the winter all year round. It's colder here more than it is warm.

  2. It is starting to warm up here now. The last few days have been in the high 20s (yay!!).
    Your weather sounds like Vancouver Island. 25C is extremely rare, and hot, for that place.