Thursday, 15 January 2015

Sewing My Vintage Patterns

 A great many people have joined the Vintage Pattern Pledge co-hosted by Marie and Kerry. The passive-aggresive part of me doesn't like to feel obligated, so I won't 'pledge', but I still plan to sew up some of the cool patterns I've acquired.

To that end, I have cut the shorts version of these 1977 trousers. The grey corduroy fabric is left over from a different pair of trousers under construction. (I have never had so much trouble with a zipper -I'm attempting the third insertion, but they should be done soon.) I am adding the Hollyburn pockets because I like them so much, and, well, trousers should have pockets.

 I hope to cut out this 1971 (I think) dress this weekend. Purple corduroy this time.

I have white cotton-with-seahorses for this 1960's dress. I've been tidying tho' and I can't put my hands immediately upon the stuff. And, because I have a Sewaholic crush, I'm going to use the Cambie skirt instead of the slim one pictured.

I had a hard time finding this pattern. Again, the tidying. I'd filed it in its proper box. What was I thinking?!? I plan to make view 3 from a white orange printed cotton. No picture, of course, because the orange print is hanging out with the seahorses.

I want to make this dress too, but I'm not 100% sure where I'd wear it. The idea is still percolating.

And I have no hard-and-fast ideas about these two, but they were too much fun to leave behind.
Let's see what actually happens!


  1. You have some really fun vintage patterns there. I will enjoy seeing how they turn out. The Butterick button dress is so elegant , but I too would struggle to find the occasion. Probably not one for cycling in, unfortunately!

    1. I pondered being able to ride a bike wearing the Butterick dress. All my summer clothes have to be cycling worthy. Since it has a gored skirt I wonder if I put some kick pleats in the rear seams...?

  2. So pleased you're joining in! I've pinned your post to Pinterest

    1. Thank you. Maybe that will provide sufficient motivation to follow through.