Sunday, 4 July 2010

Lovely Fabric, Wrong Style

Earlier this spring I found this skirt at a Jones New York discount outlet. After all of said discounts had been taken, I $7 for a linen/rayon blend with a pattern I found to be quite interesting was not outrageous. The skirt, however, was a size 18 and I usually wear a 12. That wasn't a deal breaker, so home it came.

First I tried to be lazy and just tuck in the waist a bit. I should know better. It looked....bizarre. Plus the hem hit me at mid-calf, which is never flattering.
So I cut off the waistband and about 3 inches from the bottom. The bottom band of fabric became the new waistband and,
I really need to learn how to smile, even if my teeth do dry off while I wait for the camera timer to count down.

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