Thursday, 1 July 2010

Once Again, Room to Sew

The sewing room is once again ready for action. We had set things up last fall and I had a great time working on projects. Then found an industrial sewing machine. That caused huge upheaval as many pieces of furniture had to be moved around in the house to accomodate it. A trunk and the futon went upstairs to the living room and sunroom respectively, and the papasan chair, formerly in the sunroom, were temporarily housed in the sewing room. I finally found a home for the papasan chairs, and with the acquitison of new bedroom furniture, another couple of dressers moved downstairs to house my stash. I have no excuses now!

The room is messy, but functional. And despite how it looks in the picture, the legs on the sewing table aren't that crooked. I suspect that is the seam in the picture- it's not exactly on the grain.

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