Thursday, 12 August 2010

How Old is Vintage?

I made this dress in the late 1980s. Clothes from the era are considered vintage in some places now so I am glad I kept it. It isn't necessarily indicative of the style of clothes back then, but I wasn't too enamoured of those styles anyway.

The pattern is New Look, tho' try as I might, I cannot find it. I certainly hope I didn't give it away, as I have always planned to make it again.
I added a jacket on this occasion as I was wearing it to work. It was one of my last days before going on educational leave and one of my co-workers was having a pool party for me to celebrate. It was also an incredibly hot day, to it was a bonus to be able to wear it.

The jacket is also New Look, and again, I can't find the pattern.

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