Friday, 13 August 2010

I'd Rather Be Furnished, Thank You

A few years ago I noticed a sign in a department store indicating Mens' Furnishings. Intriguged, I investigated further. I was somewhat disappointed to find that I was in the mens' underwear department. But that started me thinking; 'furnishings' sound much more comfortable than 'lingerie', or even worse, 'foundation garments'. Really, what would I rather do, lean against the soft upholstery, of say, my chesterfield, or the architecturally interesting, but distinctly hard and chilly edge of the limestone holding up the house?

I have some mens underwear; it is very cozy (a topic for another day-why can I wear mens' underwear and not cause a stir but a man wearing womens' underwear still raises eyebrows?) And lingerie, if you investigate its etymological roots, refers to anything made of linen. I like linen, but I would not necessarily like to have pure linen right next to my skin.

This whole little thought process started when I went looking for my backless, strapless bra to wear with my backless sundress. This bra definitely qualifies as a foundation garment, since it will stand up on its own.
I have no doubt that my garment is much more comfortable than this corset I found on Wikicommons. I look much better in my dress when I have it on, but it is not my first choice when getting dressed in the morning. Plus, I can't imagine needing someone to help me get dressed, and pulling the laces on this baby would definitely require some extra hands.
Even some of the styles worn today don't look much more appealing. While I like pretty things as much as the next girl, some of the lacy panty and bra sets I see look downright scratchy. I hate being uncomfortable-it distracts me from the other subtle nuances of life. Not that all of the mens briefs are as comfortable as boxers. If you want to know what I mean, go to Google images and search 'underwear male models'. Interesting indeed, and some of the underwear looks like it might actually be comfortable. But the rest?

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