Tuesday, 14 May 2013

A Cape for a Small Superhero

My youngest nephew, N4, turned two on May 9.
All the kids received capes when they turned two, with the exception of N1, who received his when he was three.
N4 was as unimpressed as N1 (who drop kicked the cape across the floor, not realizing the magical powers it contained) and he screamed to have it removed from his person. Had his cousins been present and along with his sister been wearing their capes, it would have been a different story entirely.

The family crest is an exclamation mark. I made an executive  decision in that regard; no one else needed to be consulted.

And because N4 is named for a Norse god, the cape needed appropriate viking lining.

My sisters have promised me pictures of the kids in action; if not, I'll have to arrange a photo shoot.

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