Sunday, 26 May 2013

The '70s are Growing on Me

 I took a trip to my favourite MCC the other day and found boxes of patterns. Someone must have done a huge purge; I've never seen so many there before.

The ones I picked up were from the seventies, an era I have never been too keen on.

These patterns tho' showed promise. The ones immediately below are all un-cut, except the one with the tape. That one has seen considerable use.

Some of these are not my size, but I am hoping to be able to grade the shirts up a bit. I really like the raglan sleeved one and I would like to make it a wool knit (stop thinking about winter -we've barely had spring yet!).

 These two I an unsure about but picked them up anyway. I fascinated and dismayed at the same time.
I also picked up some buttons and snaps but I have no idea where I set them down so I can't photograph them. All in all, a worthwhile trip!

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