Sunday, 21 July 2013

Queen Bee

 After reading so many good reviews for this skirt, Vogue 1247, I jumped on the band wagon.

 I am not comfortable wearing bright yellow. I like the colour but I can only wear pale yellow in the summer when I have a 'tan' (I am a strawberry blonde -I don't tan, I just change from clear to white). If I wear such a bright yellow so close to my face, I look jaundiced, as in seen-immediately-upon-presentation-at-the-Emergency-Department jaundiced, so I thought I would make a yellow skirt which sits a fair distance from my face.
I didn't have to make any alterations to the pattern except add about five inches to the length. This would have been one short skirt otherwise. Surprisingly enough, even tho' I cut the correct size waistband, it only fit around the entire waist with easing; there was no overlap at all. I have no idea if it supposed to be that way because I haven't looked at the instructions. I'll have to see if the same happens with the corduroy skirt I have waiting (for fall) to sew up.
 I like skirt. It fits well, was easly and quick to sew, and it has a good shape. Most important is its bikability (is that a word? It is now!) but if was even a centimeter narrower, I wouldn't be able to happily ride my bike in it.
Wow, wrinkled!
 I could not, for the life of me, get a total back view, so I gave up.

And I like all the extra picture people add to their posts, so I am not sure why I haven't been adding more. So here we go , in the event someone other than me is reading this.

Here I am checking out the grapevine.
Are there any grapes in there?

Construction details:
I didn't follow the patterns directions and bind the seams because I was in a hurry.  I didn't french the seams because I was in a hurry. They aren't serged because I have brown thread in the serger and a project requiring brown thread is next in the queue (and while I could have changed the thread back to brown again, my serger has an evil, nasty streak and senses when I am in a, you guessed it, hurry, and would have refused to work at all) and, well, I was in a hurry. So I pinked them using pinking shears I  picked up at a garage sale.

 The just-fits waistband, because there is no overlap, is fastened with two little daisy buttons I had in my stash and loops of narrow elastic I coloured with a fabric marker.

I used hem tape to make the narrowest non-rolled hem I have ever done and the length is just right. The tape was in a bag of notions I also picked up at a garage sale. The colour is such a close match it was only the seam gauge on my sewing machine that allowed me to stitch it in place. Thankfully it was the usual 5/8" mark that I followed and things turned out fine.
The pockets are lined with some polka-dotted fabric from the scrap bag and just adds to the over all summer happy vibe.
Would I make this again? Most definitely! This cotton version is great for summer and the corduroy one will be lovely for fall and spring. I'll try wool for the winter!

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