Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Hooray for Hollyburn

I now have three Hollyburn skirts, my latest out of denim.
I look unimpressed. Why?
 I love the fullness of these skirts -they are definitely bike-able. I made the waistbands on these two skirts about an inch narrower. I am very short waisted and the wider waistband would fold over when it made contact with my lower ribcage.
 The pockets are lined with the same fabric I used to line N4's cape. So many of my skirts have pockets now. I think the only reason my previous skirts did not is my need to hurry and adding pockets would add, what, another 15 minutes to the process. I guess I have learned to slow down.
 The second Hollyburn is made from this owl upholstery fabric. It has great body as well.
 I screwed up the waistband -I should have cut it with the grain, but I was worried it would stretch. Silly me.
 I did better with the pocket facings tho'.
 Especially this one.
I have plans for at least one more of these made from a thrifted lightweight wool skirt. But that can wait for cooler weather.

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