Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Eighties Flashback

Twenty-five years ago today my best friend, KJL, was married and I stood up with her as her Matron of Honour. This is me, in my self-made dress.

I know the '80s were quite the...fahion...era but where do I start? From the top? I still have just as much hair, tho' it is considerably shorter now.

I remember being much happier with the 'test dress' I made out of burgundy-paisley patterned olive-coloured cotton. The leg-o-muttons sleeves were much less...apparent...in that dress than in the final satin version.

I didn't like sewing this satin and found it very difficult to press, as evidenced by the ripples along the side skirt seams and the hand stitched hem.

I will say it is a good colour for me; I do look best in bright, clear colours rather than pastels. And it isn't teal, tho' I look nice in that colour too. The things we do for our friends; she wore jade green shantung for me (I picked the fabric, she picked the pattern)!

But those sleeves! I"m stiuck on those sleeves!! How cliche can you get?

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