Thursday, 27 March 2014

A Dog's Age

About 13 years ago I made my oldest nephew a big stuffed toy for Christmas. He was six months old and I thought he needed an elephant. So I made him one using this pattern.
The next Christmas I made my niece a lamb. A cow looks like a lamb when you use the correct fabric. I grew up on a farm -trust me!   ;)

Two years later I made a spotted dog for my second nephew.

Not the first tongue cut from this piece of fabric.

My third nephew has a leopard but I couldn't find it when I was looking around my sister's house this past Christmas. It seemed impolite to rummage thru' the closets for the leopard when the elephant and the dog were in plain view.

My fourth nephew has had three Christmases but he still didn't have his animal. I blame his parents, as they have been away for every Christmas since he arrived on the scene. This has been weighing on my conscience as I like to treat all the kids the same, for better or for worse. This was going to be the year he was going to get an animal. Since N2 and N4 are kindred spirits I thought it would be ok if N4 got a dog too.

But as Christmas approached, I found out N4's family was going to be away again and my motivation dropped; I figured I didn't have to rush. I didn't.

I finally cut out the little beast in the middle of January when I went to visit my parents. I sewed the face togehter a few weeks later.

Interfacing to stabilize the fabric and a button to hold on the eyes.

And there it sat. For weeks. And weeks. Impeding any other projects I had because I felt guilty about not working on the dog. Does that happen to anyone else? You can't work on things you want to because of things you feel you should do?

At any rate, I called my sister and asked when would be a good time to get together so I could give Miss S her Christmas present and N4 his dog, even tho' the dog was still at the face-only stage. I work better with close deadlines. I got a tight deadline. She said she would be in town the next day and she would drop by with the kids. Yoikes!

I dragged a sewing machine upstairs and put it on the kitchen counter. It was a machine I found at a garage sale - a Singer 185K- but more on that later. I spent about five hours, on-and-off, fiddling with the tension before I could get started, but it worked like a dream after all that. And I finished that dog.

Its not a difficult project so I can't imagine why I was dragging my heels so.

Here is the dude. Finally.

N4 seemed pleased by his very, very late Christmas present and that albatross is no longer around my neck.

I have a question. Does it count as stash-sewing if the fabric was bought for this pattern and this specific project? Probably not, but at least there is two less meters of fabric and a one less bag of stuffing around.

And I can move along to other projects with a clear conscience.


  1. Brilliant gift ideas! So glad you finally got it done! Deadlines can be so helpful.

  2. Thank you. As for tight deadlines, some of my best papers in University were written on the morning if the day they were due.

  3. Aw, it's really cute! I know exactly what you mean about not being able to move on - I have a self-imposed 'no UFO's' rule for this very reason.

    1. Thank you, it's a very versatile pattern.
      I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one who feels the 'wants' have to wait until after the 'musts'.