Sunday, 9 March 2014

Separation Anxiety and Singer 318K

About 10 days ago I took my sewing machine in for a tune-up.
I've had my Kenmore for almost 31 years; it was a high school graduation gift from my parents and probably the best gift I have ever received.
The machine has been oiled and cleaned 'regularly' and I have had no problems with it, but I thought it could do with a once-over every 30 years or so.
I must admit to feeling a pang when I walked out the door. It has been with me almost every place I have lived and it feels odd not to have it around.

 An addict always has to have a back-up plan. In my case, it was a Singer 318K I found at a garage sale last summer.

 It came in what I think was it's original carry case, plus an old toiletries case, both smelling slightly musty.

I was puzzled to find two power supply cords in the cosmetic case.

The green one proved to have a patch job, a scary thing in electrical stuff, so I used the black one.

 The little beast comes with loads of cool attachments like these fashion discs which provide hundreds of stitch variety options.

 A box of all sorts of attachments. I have yet to figure out if they all belong with this machine.

 And a buttonholer.
 These switches allow you to toggle through various stitch options when used with the above discs. Plus the dual thread holders/

I downloaded the users manual and I tried it out by sewing it a cover.  Recycling at its finest -I used the a leg from these trousers when I turned them into shorts.


  1. Ooh that is so cool. I hear (from other bloggers) that those button hole attachments are the business!

    1. I've heard that too. I'm eager to try it out.