Sunday, 4 May 2014

Me-Made/Not-Bought-New May; The First Few Days

I didn't sign up for MMM and I can't call this Me-Made since some of what I am wearing is second-hand (Not-Bought-New), but I'm ok with that. Maybe I'll call my version of this month's festivities M-M/N-B-N-M. Hah! Say that three times fast.

Ahem. On to the pictures.

May 1. The Goldilocks skirt and thrifted sweater and I'm off to work.  Hmmm, that sweater is looking rather ratty. I'll have to do something about that.
I can't remember what has me all side-eyed.

May 2 . Corduroy trousers and sweater, garage sales. Scarf -thrifted. I'm off to work again, but it's Friday. Hooray

May 3.  Saturday! Hand-me-down jeans and garage sale sweater for a Jane's walk on a rather chilly day. Our high is expected to be only 8 degrees; 9 degrees below the normal high for today. Boo!

Peanut butter and nutella on crackers. One of the benefits of being childless-I don't have to set a good example for anyone.

May 4. Corduroy trouser and a garage sale sweater I felted and up-cycled by adding a front zipper. Thrifted scarf. May the Fourth be With You. I wish I'd known that before I got dressed to go out. I'm sure I could have done somthing differently, but you can bet I've put a note in my calendar for next year.
Sunday-Laundry day.

I've already raked the sand off of the boulevard and I'm off to the Manitoba Museum with The Geek, and then the airport to pick up my sister and brother-in-law.

All this week in addition to the second-hand or me-made stuff, I am wearing a wool t-shirt. I'll likely be wearing a wool t-shirt until June. I am that cold.


  1. I'm totally with you on mixing thrifted with me-made. I haven't attempted trousers yet or a proper jacket, so without our charity shops I'd really struggle.

    1. I know what you mean. I'm trying to knit sweaters, but after sewing, knitting is slow; I'll have to get over that. But thank you for reminding me about jackets. I have one of black corduroy in the closet -it's old, but it should do the trick until things warm up around here.