Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Sewing Smalls

 Comfy knickers -every woman's quest. The underwear I bought after my surgery last summer (because the underwear I had before my surgery rubbed the top of my scar) is starting to wear out. While those knickers were ok, they were not the best and I can't see the point of replacing them with a similar, sub-optimal store-boughts.
The underwear pictured below are at least 10 years old and are...ok... too, but better than the latest purchase. I figured I would copy these ones.
Initially I was going to trace them, but then The Geek happened by. Why don't you use scan them she enquired? I must have looked puzzled (something that happens frequently when The Geek flexes her powerful brain). She explained that I would take a picture and use CorelDraw to make a pattern. Lead on, MacDuff.

Picture were taken of all three sections (tho' I forgot to get ones with the ruler she placed on each piece for sizing reference).

 She then freehand traced around each picture and smoothed it out with the software. The half she traced was then cloned and flipped, and then the picture was removed to leave only the 'pattern'.

The pattern was duly printed out on to letter-sized paper, taped together and then cut out. I cut out two sets? pairs? last night out of some interlock I picked up at an estate sale. Judging by how it reacted to the iron I suspect it is a poly-cotton blend, but it works for a muslin.
 I stitched  up this morning. It likely would have taken about 20 minutes had I not broken a needle in the serger, and then run out of looper thread.

I'm sold. These actually fit better than the originals.
 I have some bamboo interlock destined for more. And tons of scraps to use up!


  1. Technology at this time in the morning, noooo! Seriously, this looks ingenious. I am in need of some new undergarments myself and I love sewing small and quick things, but I am thinking of trying high waisted. Hipster styles have started to cut through my wobbly bits :(

  2. Well, the scar wasn't the only reason for going higher...;)