Saturday, 5 July 2014

The Foxy Dress

This will be a brief post. I spent a good part of the day at the dump in the heat and I'm a little knackered ( a British term, but I love it!)
I finished this dress Thursday morning. It's been in the works a few weeks (?months) and I am glad to be able to now wear it.
I have very few pictures of me wearing the dress -the city is enduring a serious mosquito infestation and the less time spent standing still the better. Cue the sour face.


I originally cut it out during Sew Dolly Clacket. It is a mash-up of two vintage patterns. The neckline and skirt of Style 4980 and the under-bus gathering of Style 4892. I raised the neckline an inch or so or it would not have been at all work appropriate.

The fabric- Ed Emberley for Cloud 9 Picture Pie Fox quilting cotton. The first time I saw a picture of the fabric the back ground looked more gun-metal gray and I think it would have looked better with a slightly darker background. Nonetheless, I still think it is pretty cute.

I lined the bodice in beige cotton- the same stuff I've used to line my last few dresses.

I made no attempts at pattern matching but still one fox is almost perfectly aligned on the front center.


A cool and comfortable summer make. Given its name it should qualify for Oonapalooza but its still a little tame for that. Maybe I could consider it part of Heather's Sundress Sew-A-Long?
Now I really need should work on some tops.

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  1. Those two patterns have melded really well together. Just goes to show you don't always need expensive new patterns to produce a great garment! I'm feeling pretty knackered, too. Must be the time of year!