Thursday, 25 September 2014

Seven Random Facts

I would like to thank Philippa, the lovely author of Gloria and Me, nominated me for the the Very Inspiring Blogger Award.

I am very touched and therefore pleased to offer, in no particular order, seven random facts about me.
- Reading was the best thing I ever learned how to do. I still prefer books to e-readers and maps to GPS. 

- My eye colour changes from very dark, when I am my normal myself, to almost clear when I am tired or unwell.
- Curried tuna salad (tuna, mayonnaise, curry paste, cucumber relish, hint o' garlic) with sorrel is my favourite sandwich.
- I have OIADD* and so do most of my colleagues. That's what happens when you are trying to make your brain do too many 'urgent' things at once. People in my line of work usually acquire this condition in less than two weeks.
- I started sewing when I was nine years old and even with 40 years experience, I confess I am a lazy seamstress. I doubt I will ever make a couture garment simply because I don't have the required attention span. (see #4.)
-  Like Philipa, I am very content. I have been very fortunate and I am fully aware of my good fortune. I am healthy and so is my family. I grew up in the best place on earth with caring, loving, role-model parents. My friends are interesting and interested. I have a job that pays for my life and habits (rowing, sewing, books, cycling, thrift stores), has enabled me to give back to my community, and to travel to many parts of the world.
- My feet have grown two full sizes in the last 30 years. I have also worked in the health care field for the last 30 years. I wonder if the two are related?

I will have to take a rain-check on nominating others -I'd have a hard time choosing only seven. If you feel like posting seven random things about yourself, please consider yourself nominated -I love reading little tidbits about others. Please leave a link in the comments so I can read them!
*Occupationally Induced Attention Defecit Disorder. This us not a medically recognized disorder-yet. 


  1. Oh that was so fun to read! I have seen eye colour change according to shades worn but not according to health. I am going to start looking for that with my family! As for the foot size, I was throroughly convinced this does not change after the age of 15 or so. Interesting! Ah, sewing bloggers are such a fascinating and varied bunch. Everyone should do one of these posts!!

    1. I was surprised by the foot growth too.