Sunday, 19 October 2014

Sewing Smalls Flat -the Instructions

 Back in early July I sewed myself some knickers from a pattern made from an existing pair. I took pictures so I would remember how to do it, but had yet to write up the instructions. Since I am going to eventually make more (once this lovely fall weather succumbs to the inevitable winter; {please, take your time, winter}), I thought I should quickly do it now.

1) Cut the fabric (front, back, leg bands (2), waist band, crotch (2)). I used two different colours to ease demonstration.

2) Pin the back of both of  the crotch piece to the back piece, with the back piece sandwiched between the two crotch pieces.

3)Pin the front of one of crotch pieces to the front piece. Roll up the front and back pieces so they sit against the back crotch pinned area/seam. (Note: it may be easier to sew the back seam so nothing slips. By this point I had sewn a few so I was combining steps.)

(Front and back pieces rolled up between crotch pieces.)
4) Pin the second crotch piece to the front piece, sandwiching the front piece between the two crotch pieces.

(Front and back pieces sandwiched between crotch pieces.)
 5) Sew/serge one/both crotch seams.
Front and back pieces still rolled between (now serged) crotch pieces.)
 6) Pull the front and back from between the crotch pieces.

(Seams are now hidden between the two crotch pieces.)

(Seams are now hidden between the two crotch pieces, both sides.)
 7) Fold one leg bands in half lengthwise and sew/serge to one leg opening.
(Leg band stitched to one leg opening.)
8) Sew/serge the side seam on the banded side.

9) Attach the second leg band to the second leg opening. (You could do both leg openings at once, but don't close both side seams.)
(Attached leg bands with one side sewn.)

(Closed leg.)
 10) Fold the waistband in half lengthwise and sew/serge it to the waist.
(Waistband attached.)
 11) Sew/serge the second side. Trim threads.
I ended up top-stitching around the serged seams to re-inforce and to have the seams lay flat.

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