Thursday, 23 April 2015

A Collared Oakridge

Tho' she has absolutely no recollection of this, the Geek found this blouse at a thrift store a few years ago. We both liked the fabric and the pattern,

This is the pattern, not the much more interesting way the camera make it appear in the other photos.

but not the boxy shape.
No fashion blogger would wear this blouse with those trousers.
This picture was taken after I removed the darts.
I tried adding dart to the front and back, that made it fit better in the waist but didn't address the poor fit under the arms.
The shirt was placed in the 'ponder' file for several months.

Tasia then released the Oakridge pattern. It's nice having someone who designs for the pear-shaped among us.

I traced out my size placed, found the blouse, opened up the side seams, and placed the pattern pieces over the existing front and back. After cutting the blouse to the new shape, I resewed the side seams. I didn't change the hem or the collar.

I didn't move the dart, which may explain the drag lines toward my waist even tho' the fit under my arms is better.
 But when you add a sweater, you can't see the imperfections.
 Now I'll see how it fits when I start with a fresh piece of fabric rather than an existing shirt.


  1. Looks like this pattern could be a great fit on you. Blouse rescue went well :)

    1. 'Rescue' - I like that term better than re-work or re-fashion. I shall adopt it ongoing. Thank you.

  2. Even though I'm not a pear shape, the Sewaholic patterns that I have made have impressed me. The drafting seems to be good and the instructions great. Nice job on improving the fit under the arms and cool fabric!

    1. I'm happy it worked as well as it did. It seemed a shame to hang on to a blouse I wasn't wearing.