Sunday, 12 April 2015

Front and Back. Front to Back. Front and...

I'm not the only one who has trouble fitting trousers. It's a common lament on the blogs I read. Only Roobeedoo has managed to nail a pair on the first outing. I'm thrilled for her and I hope I can find my perfect pattern too.
My first attempt, started in January, was a full legged pair, Vogue 8751. I decided to insert use a back zipper because, for me, fly fronts don't always reflect how well something fits. The back zipper was a royal pain, taking me three attempts and I regretted trying to be clever;the fly front would have been much easier.
The results are not what I'd hoped for and I'm not sure if I like the pattern enough to try fixing the problems.

some pulling in the back
But the real kicker was the way the yoke did(n't) fit. I think the pattern was made for someone whose hipline suddenly turns into a waist. Mine tend to taper in gradually.

plus, the pockets stick out
OK. Next. Vintage McCalls 5408 shorts with length added to the legs and pockets.
a prominsing start.
This turned out to be quite hilarious. Again, I did the back zipper for the previously mentioned reason, and again, I should have done a fly front, but if I had, I wouldn't have learned something very interesting...
First off, the fit was verrrrry strange. The back was fine, but the front was incredibly baggy. I puzzled about who this could have been drafted for, because they look very close fitting in the picture. I regret not taking a photo, becuase it reminded me of this (without the pointy bits).

Needless to say, I had to take in the front quite a bit.
The back gaped, so I added a couple of darts. Then I found I had comehow cut the waistband too small
so I added a tab.

The fit at that point was not too bad, tho' the back was strangely low,
 There is a bit of a gap in the back because I didn't pull the zipper fully closed
 while the front was unusually high.
plus the pockets pull in the front a bit.

I'm not sure when the dime dropped, tho' I'm sure the experience among you have realized all along where I've been going with this...

Yes indeed. I'd somehow confused with the front and the back. 
The original  front with added darts and some pull lines.

the original back, that still doesn't fit despite all my adjustments..
I should be slightly offended to realize that because I have no derriere the front fits as a back better than the back would, but this is quite amusing.

So, modified the pattern so I had two 'fronts'.

And tried again. These aren't bad, I just need to take about an inch out of the rise so the waistband sits at my waist.
The weird lighter area is from sitting on my bicycle saddle

I can't believe it's taken this long to get my first vintage pattern sewn and I'm starting to think I should just stick to skirts. I've marked my changed on the pattern pieces and will revisit this trouser thing later.


  1. Oh my. I don't know whether to laugh or cry when I see the issues fitting trousers be fair the last pair fit pretty well, but I understand your frustrations. If ( when) I get time to sew again, trousers will not be the first thing on my list!!

    1. I made trousers a few years ago that didn't fit badly -maybe if I apply the crotch curves from the shorts to those trousers...But that is an experiment for another day.
      I hope you find time to sew soon. Life shouldn't totally get in the way of hobbies.

  2. Well that is a funny story. As my backs are much fuller than my fronts I have no problem distinguishing! I actually think the purple shorts are great and you are definitely on your way to a great fit there.

  3. Thank you. I've stopped being annoyed with the pattern and will probably try them again when I have time again to sew.

  4. So funny! I don't have a very full bum, either, so I always have to take a whack out of the back seam before I even start. :) I think the purple shorts at the bottom look great and go you on your bicycle! (I honestly don't know how I missed these posts. I thought I had signed up!)

    1. I like to think the lack a caboose makes it easier to slip thru' narrow spaces. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.
      This pattern is in my queue tho' whether it will be trouser or shorts in linen remains to be seen.
      I read blogs using an RSS feed platform but when I link from the 'platform' back to the original blog, there are posts there that I haven't seen before. Technology is eeenteresting.