Thursday, 24 January 2013

The Madly-Off-In-All-Directions* Skirt

I found a number of posts that weren't published (for some reason). This one is from the spring of 2010.

I seem to spend a lot more time reading blogs about sewing that I actually do sewing. I admire those people who can do both - and so prolifically!
I had lunch (leftover basmati rice and samosas from potluck the Geek attended the night before), tidied the kitchen, read a little, learned a few more chords on the ukulele and then went back downstairs. I studiously ignored the serger, instead applying the interfacing to the waistband and working on other projects.
Even tho' I know the serger is a diva, there is only so much nonsense I am willing to accomodate.

I bought this fabric because I like the colours, even tho' I had no clear idea of what I would use it for. don't remember where or when. I must have paid very little for it because while I can be impulsive, I am also very frugal. There was a lot of it on the bolt and while others may have liked it, they didn't know what they would use it for.

I saw Maelle's skirt,really liked it, and filed the idea away for future reference. However, when I saw Sal's skirt, a little ping went off in my memory and I went to search my stash.

The skirt itself is a bit of a disappointment. I still like the colours and the idea, but something has gone dreadfully wrong in the execution. This will require some more pondering.

*Madly Off in All Directions was a CBC radio show.

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