Sunday, 13 January 2013

Things I Don't Do

Lately, one of the things I don't do is sew. 2012 was a rather dismal year; two tops and two pair of trousers, as yet largely undocumented. But I have been thinking about sewing a great deal.
And I have plans.
1) My sewing room needs tidying; I have purschased a large plastic container in which to hold my stash until I can use it.
2) No new stuff until this is used up.
3) I have a pair of Thurlow trousers and a Renfrew top queued up as well as these EvaDress trousers I have alread made once. (slight problem; I've been sick for a week with some wretched bug and have lost close to ten pounds -what size to I make now?!) I hope these projects will inspire me to really get back into the swing of things.

I rarely make test items (the rest of the sewing world calls them muslins or toiles), I simply fiddle until I get the first item to fit. Then, if I like the results, I alter the pattern. I suppose that is like making a muslin, but there are times when I never make that item again, so maybe it's not.

I don't trace my patterns -I cut out the size I think I need. I think if I were to start tracing my patterns before cutting them out, I would stop sewing altogether. I cannot be bothered and would rather buy a whole new pattern that trace one I already have. Is that lazy, or a good use of my time?

I rarely look at the instructions and I take shortcuts whenever I can. I had orignally considered calling this blog Quick-and-Dirty Seams, but I figured that would get me entirely too much of the wrong sort of attention.

I don't set out to learn new things with each project. If I do learn new skills, great. If not, I have something else to wear. And in a world where the fashion industry does not design clothing for curvy girls (I am like Sarah, who  recently described herself as a mash-up of pear and hourglass), that is a bonus.

As this is a negative sounding post, I will end it positively.
4) I will get over this "'flu", and make friends with food again so I can get back to doing what I love to do. Sew.

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