Thursday, 24 January 2013

Two Types of Trousers

 I have lacked trousers for awhile now. Finally, around Thanksgiving I decided to take action.

This pattern is from Schnitt Vision

Schnitt Vision allows you to customize patterns to your own measurements. The only problem, it is all in German. Thankfully the Geek is German, so she talked me through the process.
The fabric is a wool blend I bought at a garage sale up the street. I chose not to add the pockets. I wasn't sure I would like the pants -they have such a low rise and I am not used to that.

They fit well (as you would hope) except for a small little ...pouchy area... about three inches below the waist.
More visible from the side.

I modified the pants and the pattern and the 'pouch' is gone.

No, I'm not praying.
See? I've never worn pants with a zipper shorter than my little finger!

I might make these again; perhaps in a heavy weight knit or in a fabric with a bit of stretch. These pants tend to get a bit baggy during the course of the day and the 'sliding south' feeling is a little distracting.

On the other end of the spectrum, Eva Dress 3322.

I cut out this size according to my measurement. There is a LOT of ease in this pattern.

So, I took the pants apart, cut them down by three sizes, and took an inch out of the rise.

Of course, that meant they were about an inch to short (which works with my beat-up Birkenstocks, but not with most of my other shoes.

I have no idea what I was doing with my belly sticking out. And ironing would have been a good thing.
I added cuffs to compensate for the lack of length.

Unfortunately the cuffs are cut across the grain but I'm considering that a design feature.
I like both pair, but they could not be more different. (How's that for stating the obvious?) I have another pair in the queue -more middle of the road.

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