Saturday, 31 May 2014

Still Channelling Dolly Clackett

I had both of theses dresses cut out but ran out of time to sew them before the Dolly Clackett deadline. The first is a sewaholic Cambie with a raindrop pattern. I like it more than I initially thought I would.

The first time I wore I had major gaping, so I added a couple of darts to the neckline near the straps.

 I didn't open the lining, just darted the two layers together. I suspect anyone looking down the front of my dress isn't looking at my sewing techniques anyway. ;D

I'll pinch that out of the centre front pattern piece next time around.  I'll also move the darts closer to the midline; on me they splay a little out to the side.
I didn't use the gathered straps (I'm not a 'gathers' kind of girl) but instead used the strap lining for the inside and outside.

Next time I'll move them a couple of millimeters closer to the middle so my bra strap doesn't show.

I initially thought I wouldn't make this again, but now I am pretty sure I will.

 The second dress is Simplicity 2444 with the Cambie skirt in a seaside print. I had originally thought to go with a sleevless 2444, but I only had three yards of fabric and as I discovered with my crayon dress, three yards is not enough when using a uni-directional print.

It is lined with the same beige cotton as the Cambie
. If I had been more diligent I could have made the darts line up, but one doesn't notice with the print.

Another comfortable, easy to wear dress.
I wore it with the jacket (pre-blog circa 1997) hanging on the door knob -the day started off cool.

The Cambie skirt will definitely be used on its own again. It is the ideal width for cycling and I love the pockets. It was a cool dress to wear in the  33 degrees we had on Thursday and between all the meetings I had that day I put over 40 km on the bicycle.

We may not have had spring this year, but summer has finally arrived.

Apparently I haven't much to say today. I'm usually brief, but this is ridiculous.


  1. Both your dresses are a success! I like prints to mix with lots of solid cardigans (always need a cardi here), and especially like the seaside one. I haven't tried any Sewaholic patterns as i understand they design for pear shape and I am top heavy so I'm a little concerned I'll have to do major alterations (and these scare me), but I do like their styles.

  2. Thank you.
    I always need a cardigan when I am in the office, but I suspect that is not what you mean. The air conditioning there is set at a temperature that would have us turning up the heat were it winter. Illogical.
    This is the first Sewaholic dress I have made and I am pleased at the fit tho' I am more hourglass than pear and I'm lazy about FBAs.