Saturday, 31 May 2014

The Last Half of May

This is going to be a long post. Feel free to simply look at the pictures or bail altogether; I won't be offended.

May 14. 0 degrees.  Black stretch denim Vogue 1247 (unblogged 'cuz I already have a couple)  and my orange renfrew.

May 15 It's even colder at -5. What kind of lunacy is this?!? Hence my being dressed for winter in OOP Vogue 2339 made in about 1998 and a thrifted skirt.

May 16; Friday again. Jeans and a wool t-shirt with a thrifted corduroy 'jean' jacket and scarf.
 May 17; A slightly warmer Saturday in the Simplicity 2444 Crayon Dress.
 May 17 -no photo of my yard-work wear.

May 18 -I'm on vacation and on my way to the farm to visit my parents. Jeans and (unblogged) Kristen kimono tee. I need to do a slight FBA when I make this again. I was too lazy to add a seam allowance so I just cut a size bigger and sewed with a narrow seam allowance.
 May 19 & 20. At the farm wearing 30 year old farm clothes consisting of surplus Canadian Armed Forces work dress trousers and a sweatshirt my cousin gave me.

May 21; still on vacation and going to the retirement party of my office partner. It's still a little chilly so I have on a thrifted wool sweater, wool t-shirt and a Hollyburn made from Ikea decor fabric. I cut this out months ago but only completed it that day. The Geek told me it looked like a chesterfield cover (which it may well do) but my co-workers found it to be a very happy print.
 May 22; Thursday: Sewaholic Cambie in raindrops. A lovely day and I'm going for a massage. Vacation luxury. I also ran some errands, one of them a stop at Artsjunktion where I picked up a couple of vintage patterns. Lucky me!

May 23 Friday! but I'm on vacation anyway!! I spent the afternoon with my three year-old nephew playing in the puddles. I forgot to take a picture, but I am wearing the red Kristen kimono tee with a pair of old purchased shorts.

May 24 & 25. Yard clothes. I didn't go anywhere but a greenhouse and I got my garden in before it rained.

May 26; Back to work Monday. McCalls 6708 sweater, Kristen kimono tee (eek! a twin-set), and the Ikea-print Hollyburn. It is much easier to dress in top-to-bottom me-mades when it is warmer. I'm glad I can bike to work -it's so much faster than driving. And isn't my rhubarb huge?
 May 27; Raindrop Cambie. And sandals -the weather is heating up!
 May 28; Shorts than once were trousers and McCalls 6708 muslin.
 May 29; Sailing vacation dress. The temperature, with the humidex, was 38 degrees.  Tons o'kilometers put on the bike today so I was both relieved and vexed that we had a strong wind. We have magically jumped into summer.
 May 30. I forgot to take a picture but I was wearing my denim Hollyburn with a white t-shirt with red earrings and red sandals. My new work partner, Shamrock, was dressed the same. We wanted to see how many of our colleagues would notice. They failed miserabley; only five of about 35 people made the connection. Good thing they aren't undergoing any cognitive assessments themselves.

May 31: Saturday. Grocery shopping and other errands. The Geek cut the grass yesterday but I still have to do the trimming. Wool t-shirt (short-sleeved for a change) and Ikea Hollyburn.
And there we have it.


  1. Obviously May is a massive transition month for you, weather wise! I like all your me-mades, especially the vacation dress and the new T and hollyburn skirt. They are the kind of pieces I wear all the time. Regarding your experiment with your colleague, did you ever read the Little Brown Dress blog years ago? She wore the same thing everyday for a year just with different accessories, and literally only a couple of people commented. This leads me to believe worrying about what other people notice is probably a waste of time!

  2. This has been a rather unusual May. Last year I was in sandals by about May 10 and some years April has been warm enough.
    I think I've heard about the LBD experiment tho' I haven't read the blog. I believe it since I rarely remember what I wore the day before and I couldn't tell you what anyone else has been wearing either.