Sunday, 10 May 2015

Me-Made-May Week 2

May is just zipping by. (And both Firefox and Explorer are determined to drive me batty today.)
Sunday -Renfrew Kimono tee, second hand jacket and jeans.

Sunday May 3
Monday -same top and jacket as Sunday and yellow Vogue 1247 skirt. The pink leggings match the hint of pink in the top. (See Barb's Public Service Announcement post on compression therapy. I stand all day, so it's lovely to find fun coloured compression leggings. Mine are from Juzo.)
Monday May 4
Tuesday - Sewaholic Hollyburn re-worked from the poufy pleated skirt and a thrifted blouse.
Tuesday May 5
Wednesday - I wore almost the same out fit on May 7 last year, and then definitely the same one on May 28. I guess I'm predictable.
Wed May 6
Thursday - purple vintage Simplicity.
Thursday May 7
Friday- Sewaholic Renfrew. Earlier in the week I received an email at work suggesting wearing  teal for Ovarian Cancer Awareness Day.  I no longer have ovaries (the triad of evil was removed a couple of years ago, not because of cancer), but to those of you who do, be mindful of the subtle symptoms and be persistent with your GP.
Friday May 8

Saturday -Sewaholic Renfrew with a modified neckline. Saturday was socialize-all-day with three different events. I'm thrilled to have so many wonderful friends, but the introvert part of me wants to spend the rest of the weekend by myself. That won't be happening. We're having a Boxing-Day-in-May party at my sisters for my Dad's side of the family. Again, I have a wonderful family and I am grateful we are all healthy and able to get together, but I'm all peopled out. As Stephanie says, I need time to staccare.
Saturday May 9
I'm happy to note I have worn one vintage pattern this week as well as items from an indie pattern designer.


  1. Completely impressed that you can go a whole month (or week) wearing mostly me-made clothes. Great outfits, really love the colours in your "Tuesday" outfit. You look fab in it. x

    1. Thank you. When I want to feel invisible I wear brightly coloured things. People then notice your clothes, not you.
      I'm lucky in that I have to make very few modifications to patterns - I use my TNTs for just about everything- but have a really hard time buying RTW, especially trousers and skirts. Plus I don't like the quality and what the prices stores charge for ...schluk.

  2. You had a good variety this week. I hope it's better weather wise than last year! I know what you mean about people overload - in my case I am with others all day, by about 10pm I just need to be alone!

    1. Many people join support groups. I think introverts need time away groups.

  3. I am sorry I have missed your posts. I would love to read more of your posts, as you are clearly a thoughtful lady. I envy your fitting skill. Your outfits are great - nice colour palettes and combinations. My favourites are the yellow Vogue skirt, which suits you terrifically, and the orange skirt with the thrifted blouse. The vintage Simplicity dress is also lovely oh you. Have you made anything else for yourself recently? PS I completely understand the introvert thing. I love people but I often need to just release myself from company.

    1. Thank you, the Vogue skirt is one of my favourites -the pockets are so handy, yet subtle.
      Of late I've been sewing a few simple blouses but the photography has been lacking. I'm hoping to do some catch-up this weekend if weather permits. It's beeen so smokey here from the Saskatchewan forest fires that the light is funny and colours look odd.